Although truly a citizen of the world, having traveled in the Far East and Europe, and having maintained a life long interest in mankind everywhere, Dr. Shepard's great love was for his native North Carolina. This great love of his native state was exhibited in his passionate devotion to an institution which he founded for the training of the youth of his race. It was through this promise that this organization was named after Dr. James E. Shepard.

The James E. Shepard Sertoma Club was chartered in June of 1983 with 28 charter members. The club serves as an affiliate of Sertoma International which is an organization comprised of business, self-employed, agricultural, professional and related commercial interest citizens knitted together in the bonds of personal friendship and united by the concept of service to man kind. The name SERTOMA is an acronym of the words SERvice TO MAnkind.

The club involves itself in several fundraising projects. The proceeds from these projects have made it possible for the promotion of civic responsibility through community service. Contribution of monies and donation of time by the members to various charitable agencies have created opportunities which otherwise may not have existed. The primary efforts of the club result in benefiting those with speech and hearing impairments. However, many other charitable causes are addressed.

Our Mission

The Sertoma Foundation, an international charity, believes that universal communication, whether heard, seen or spoken, is the key to human understanding. The purpose of the Sertoma Foundation is to support Sertoma's approved charitable and educational programs of our Sertoma Family through effective fundraising, investment of funds and the distribution of proceeds. Through the financial support of Sertoma's programs, we become the catalysts for greater human understanding and SERvice TO MAnkind.

James E. Shepard Sertoma Club
P.O. Box 1304
Durham, North Carolina 27702
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